JEIL Pet Food, a hearty world for pets

Company Introduction

JEIL Pet Food is happy to prepare healthy and happy tomorrow for companion animals.

JEIL Pet Food knows your true feelings
about family, including your loved pets.

Jeilfeed Co., Ltd., the parent company of Jeli Petfood boasts the oldest history and tradition in animal feed in Korea. In the days when companion animal nutrition was not as diverse as it is now, the domestic companion animal industry was forced to rely on foreign imports due to limited technology and lack of support.

Based on the know-how of Jeilfeed in the domestic companion animal feed market, where import products dominated, in 1983, we established a pet food factory to reach and develop the fresher and safer quality nutrition. Since then, we have been endeavoring to develop our technology based on the scientific research of Harim Central Research Institute and present the best nutrition for our loved pets.

JEIL Pet Food knows your true feelings about family, including your loved pets. For the healthy and happy tomoorow for your pets, JEIL Pet Food will walk along with you.

* JEIL Pet Food is a new name for pet food business unit of Jeilfeed Co., Ltd.

Introduced HACCP system for all pet food manufacturing process for the first time in Korea

JEIL Pet Food acquired ISO9002 international quality certification for the first time in Korea in the 1990s, to ensure product safety and quality.

In addition, since the launch of the WTO globalization era, we are striving to make the best quality product by acquiring HACCP system for the entire factory and whole process.

Products based on superior technology are available through various purchase channels and are loved by animal lovers.